Finding Fairies

By Fei Nei September 16, 2011

I love working at elementary schools. The kids are so appreciative, honest, precious, and eager to share their thoughts. I am painting at Juana Briones right now. On my second day, one boy asked if I was going to paint any fairies in the mural.

I said, “I was just painting the things we might see around the garden.”

“Oh, there are fairies in the garden.” he replied seriously.

“Awesome! Then I can paint one. About how big are they?”

He raises his fingers about 4 inches. “About this big.”

“Can you show me one?”

“Well, they aren’t out in the day, you have to come early in the morning.”

“Oh. About what time? I get here pretty early.”

“About 7 am.”

“OK! I will look for some tomorrow morning!”

Then today, he comes up to me and asks, “Did you see any fairies here this morning?”

“No! I looked and didn’t see any.”

“Hmmm. I think they all disappear by sunrise, I think you need to come at 2 am.”

“Hmmm…That’s a bit early for me!”

I think I will hide some fairies in the mural anyway. I can’t wait to show him! I love my job. Julia drew me a picture of a dragonfly to include in the mural, and another girl said her chicken died last week and can I paint that in the mural? Sure! This is fun.