Mural Artist Review by Linda Skaife

By Morgan Bricca January 30, 2010

Morgan, I can’t tell you how pleased Derek and I are with our beautiful mural. It changes the whole feel of that part of the house, adding so much interest and warmth. Every time I walk into the kitchen, it makes me smile. Please feel free to use us as a reference. If you have any potential clients that would like to see an example of your work in person, we’d be happy to share our lovely mural with them. Likewise, I’d be happy to give your cards to interested people, if you send me several. Thank you again for the beauty that you’ve brought into our home and our lives. Your upbeat, warm, and generous personality is reflected in your work. Your memory will always be a part of the positive feelings that your painting brings to our home.

Thank you very sincerely,
Linda Skaife