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Custom wall murals by premier San Francisco mural artist Morgan Bricca. Specializing in large hand-painted wall murals for public art and private commissions.
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Olympic Swim Center Mural
Submitted on

Morgan blew it out of the water.  As a general contractor, I would say my decision to hire Morgan for this mural is one of the best decisions I have made in terms of impact of my work.  Every kid will remember this mural as long as he or she shall live. Watching a child see the mural for the first time is an experience words can’t describe. It’s mesmerizing to them. Adults too, for that matter. It’s a show stopper.  So much better than I could have ever imagined.

I would go out of my very busy way to recommend Ms. Morgan Bricca on every possible level, with no hesitation. Please feel free to call me if you are considering hiring Morgan but can’t quite take the leap. I will be glad to push you in.

Chris Carver
Aquatic Management Group
Raleigh, North Carolina

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San Mateo Credit Union
Submitted on

Morgan offers a unique collaborative approach with her clients. On our project, she struck the perfect balance; she listened to our ideas and feedback but very much maintained her role as the creative expert, making us feel comfortable the entire time.

I would absolutely recommend Morgan with no hesitation. With all that she has done, she is going to find the right approach for just about any client.

Jonathan Meyer
VP, Marketing and Community Relations
San Mateo Credit Union

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Wall Mural for Springer Elementary School
Submitted on

I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love the mural. Although I anticipated that it would add beauty and a much needed glimpse of nature onto our campus, I never could have imagined what a huge impact this has on Springer. I have seen countless children, parents and teachers walk by in awe, totally captivated. Not only does it make our campus a brighter, more beautiful place to learn and play, it reminds our entire community of the tremendous importance of art. This is a gift beyond measure especially in our tech driven society. Once again, you have exceeded my (already high) expectations!

You are so fun, inspiring and professional to work with and your projects in our kinder yard and now this mural have been my most satisfying collaborations on PTA. I'm sure you have more work than you know what to do with, but feel free to send anyone my way for a reference.


Christy Flahavan
PTA President
Springer Elementary School

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Custom wall mural of a tropical jungle scene
Submitted on

The real value and pleasure of working with Morgan was that we connected with her. She was very personable, very sincere, very collaborative, but not one to sit back and let us lead it in a wrong direction. We trusted her completely from the past work she had done for us, and told her, “here is a wall, do something with it - surprise us.” It's like dealing with a friend.

The murals she has created for us make our home more intimate, warm, and personal. I was surprised at how quickly she worked, how easily it got done, and how watching the process was enlightening. It just flowed; it was like watching a very large masterpiece being created before our very eyes. It was especially interesting when she got into the tonality and the tints. For us, it turned out better than we could have expected. I absolutely recommend her without a doubt.

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Large custom mural of Napa hills landscape
Submitted on

Morgan, the mural you created for our building has been a major attraction for both locals and visitors in Downtown Napa. The transformation of an eye sore, to a work of art, has been nothing short of amazing. I feel a little guilty receiving so many compliments for your work, however that doesn't stop me from stealing part of your credit. Your attention to detail and sensitivity, bringing the Wappo tribe into the process, unified Napa's residents with its history. This public recognition of the Wappo Indians is long overdue, reminding us all of a different time in the Napa Valley when nature and people could live harmoniously.

Every day, as I watch children and adults transported to an earlier time in the Napa Valley, I appreciate your ability to be the vehicle for their journey. I hope soon you will return to sprinkle some more fairy dust on another wall, so I can watch your magic talented creations at work.

Thank You,
Michael L Holcomb

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Submitted on

Hi Morgan,

We had an end of the school year party at our house and everyone raved about your mural. I see your name and date, 2012, on it and can’t believe it was 4 years ago.

Just wanted you to know it brings me joy every day.

Josh Weinstock

Large wall mural of California landscape
Submitted on

I have worked with Morgan on five mural projects at our house over the past six years. I love her work and she is a pleasure to work with. Once you see how transformed your space is by the first mural, it is easy to start seeing other rooms that could benefit from a “Morgan”.

Susan Wojicki
CEO, YouTube

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Submitted on

Morgan’s work is exquisite. She loves what she does, works extremely fast, and is a true pleasure to work with.

David DaPonte
Architect, HKS

Painting of an old VW Bug
Submitted on

Without fail, anytime someone comes to our house who hasn’t seen the painting, they comment on it and how much they like it.

Adam King
Director, Intel Corporation


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Hand-painted mural of underwater sea life
Submitted on

Morgan donated her painting talents and created stunning Hawaiian murals for a playhouse I designed for Rebuilding Together:  Dreams Happen fundraiser. The playhouse was then auctioned off and the proceeds benefited a wonderful cause.

It was a successful project in large part due the beautiful murals Morgan created. They brought the playhouse to life and captured people's imaginations. The aloha spirit emanated from the images - you could almost feel the water, touch the foliage and feel the warm breezes of Hawaii.

Morgan herself is magical. I left the images up to her and she came through with an end result that went beyond my expectations. She is a pleasure to work with and amazing to watch paint - her talent is incredible. I would highly recommend her as a muralist that can add magic to any room or surface with her paintings.

Cara Kuroda
Owner, Cara Kuroda Design
Burlingame, CA

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Submitted on

We asked Morgan to create a mural for our baby boy's nursery. The result was magical! We gave her just a few thoughts on what he had in mind and she turned it into a beautiful work of art inspired by the Marin landscape. There are wonderful details throughout the mural -- antique planes, balloons, ducks, sail boats, ferries. You could look at the mural for hours. And the mural is perfect for a little boy's room. It is calming but still fun. Every time I walk in the room I am struck by how much I love Morgan's work. And everyone else who sees the mural says how much they love it as well. Plus Morgan was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was open to our ideas and feedback, and was very flexible. She even returned a few months later just to write our son's name on one of the elements. We are so happy that we found Morgan and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a muralist in the Bay Area.

Lauren Kowal
Tiburon, CA

Kids wall mural of playful pigs
Submitted on

Morgan is amazing! We first had her design and create murals in both of our daughters' bedrooms. Each child has their own interests and color schemes (one is pink and pigs, the other is purple and horses). Morgan made sketches in advance and met with both myself and my girls to talk about ideas, themes and things she had created in the sketches. She then had each girl help with the final execution of the murals. They are amazing and unique and each of our girls is still SO thrilled to have them (over one year after completion!) Should you ever want to look or talk in person, I am happy to talk to you.

Onto a second and even BIGGER project, our school's PTA hired Morgan to paint one wall of our Multi Purpose Building. It is our hot lunch center, our chess club, our music department and many other things all in one. Morgan again sketched ideas and talked to the PTA Committee and teachers about her ideas and thoughts on what should be represented in the mural. She allowed children to talk to her and give her ideas daily as she painted the final product. We get so many compliments from parents and campus guests on the mural. I always, always, always am the first to recommend Morgan for ANY mural project, big or small. Please feel free to contact me or set up a time to meet at my home or at the school to view any of the murals I described above.

Lastly -- she painted some unusual food characters on the walls inside the Multi Purpose Building that are out of this world and so interesting to the kids (with a self defining key in the right hand corner). Morgan IS out of this world talented!

Kathy Cole
Los Altos, CA

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Creative wall mural for local elementary school
Submitted on

Morgan is an extremely gifted artist that we hired to paint a large mural at our school. As the PTA president that hired and managed her, I highly recommend her work! She gave a few different visual ideas, worked with a small focus group to gain consensus, and then executed her wonderful "product" while including a range of children in her work! She even let the children that were interested help her paint.

Morgan is amazing- she really is a special artist!

Molly Black
Los Altos, CA

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Submitted on

Morgan is extraordinary! She has a talent, not just for murals, but for listening and understanding who you are and what you want/need in your project. She went out of her way to make our experience special, and the raves we have been getting from neighbors and friends are a bonus. Now we have a permanent garden on our front entrance that is more welcoming and charming than anything we actually planted before the mural was created. What a treasure! Only the highest recommendation for Morgan. Rosemary H. Los Angeles, CA

Hand-painted family portrait
Submitted on

This Christmas, I hired Morgan to do a surprise portrait of my three kids for my wife. The experience working with her was fantastic and most importantly my wife absolutely loved the painting! We are thrilled to have an original piece of art that will stay in the family going forward.

Morgan, thanks for everything!

The Troyer Family

Custom wall mural of african safari animals
Submitted on

Working with Morgan was an absolute pleasure. We had a couple of quick meetings to get to know each other and talk through the concepts I wanted for my children's rooms. Morgan was creative, made lots of great suggestions and quickly came up with a plan for two very different concepts (one for an older child and one for a baby). She was sensitive to budget and we also discussed artistic ways to make the murals last (e.g. more lifelike animals rather than cartoonish).

Once Morgan started our project, I was amazed by how quickly the murals were done. She and I talked through elements I loved and wanted to enhance and also a few changes I wanted to make. Morgan was very receptive to my feedback and implemented every little idea I had (and that my children had) the next day. Even with my last-minute requests and edits, Morgan completed the projects on-time and budget!

Morgan is a great artist and a very professional individual. She brought a huge amount of feeling to the murals in my children's room and really wanted them to be perfect and make sure that we were all happy. Everyone who comes to our house loves them and I would happily work with Morgan again. 

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Kids fairy wall mural
Submitted on

Morgan came into our home and transformed our kid's rooms into the most incredible, magical spaces. Words cannot describe how in love we are with her work. The entire process was so easy. After a brief consultation, she was able to bring our visions to life. A true professional, Morgan was respectful of our space, welcomed our family to partake in conversation during her painting and most of all made it fun! If only we could have Morgan paint every room in our house!

If you are thinking of adding a special artistic touch to your home- please don't hesitate to contact Morgan.

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Hand-painted tropical fish underwater mural
Submitted on

I have so many wonderful things to say about Morgan's work. It's hard to know how to start.

After a lot of debate about how to decorate a long, narrow hallway in our home my husband and I decided to look into doing a mural. The space was awkward 18 feet long x 22 feet high and was the space that our daughter's bedrooms opened into. We saw Morgan's van with her website advertised on the side and decided to give her a call. She returned my call with in the hour and scheduled a time to come see the space that same day. We were thinking of an underwater theme...and I had no idea what or how we could transform this space into something beautiful.

Morgan was so perceptive, creative and thoughtful. She really listened to what we wanted and was able to transform our ambiguous ideas into something that far exceeded any of our expectations. The space is now filled with what looks like the most beautiful Hawaiian aquarium ever. There is a giant lifelike humpback whale and calf that descends into the space from up high and gorgeous coral reefs, fish, seals, turtles, seahorses and vibrant colors. She did some glow in the dark paint as at night the schools of fish and jellyfish light up. Amazing!!! Our daughters love it!! We have people come to our home and stare in awe at the work!

Morgan worked quickly and professionally and was always a treat to have in our home. We loved her work so much we decided to have her do our daughters room as well with an island and ocean scene. We love it!!

Jill Henderson
Kamuela, Hawaii

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Custom mural of French provincial landscape with lavender fields
Submitted on

Morgan painted a beautiful French countryside in my dining room. It is now the most beautiful spot in my house. She listened to me and my husband and painted exactly what we had in mind. Her work is fantastic and she did the entire mural in less than a week. The only regret I have is that she worked so quickly I didn't have more time to spend with her. I reccommend her to all my friends and most of them also have Murals by Morgan in their homes now.

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Hand-painted wall mural of a giant squid
Submitted on

Morgan painted a mural in my kids' room. She created a custom fanciful design based on a few of my children's interests. She was super fast, efficient, and very professional. Plus, she's a pleasure to work with. We love the mural and would definitely hire Morgan again!


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Large custom painted mural of tropical mexico landscape
Submitted on

We were so relieved when we encountered Morgan's professional approach to the business side of things: providing us with a clear estimate, negotiating a fair and reasonable contract, understanding our needs, communicating with us on a frequent basis, and completing the job on time. The artwork exceeds expectations. Thank you, Morgan(angelo)!

Skip Seroy
Owner, Tropicana Laundry
San Jose, CA

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Custom hand-painted mural of a world map
Submitted on

We hired Morgan to paint our kids’ room in our previous house, that was about 5 years ago. The kids loved their murals so much. The murals became, along with Morgan, a part of our family instantly. The kids enjoyed the artwork in their room so much that we’ve decided to bring Morgan back to add the finishing artistic touches to our new home.  Morgan is great to work with because she listens to what we are looking for and incorporates our ideas into the artwork.  In each of our kid’s rooms, for example, she let our kids paint an element so that they will always remember that they played a part in the creation of their own mural. Morgan suggested that we try dry erase paint over the map, which we did.  What a great idea. Now my son can write in the States, draw more pirate ships and anything else he can think of. The mural is totally interactive. It is absolutely awesome. I would recommend hiring Morgan in a heartbeat. She is a fabulous artist, she is easy to work with and she makes the whole experience super fun. Hands down, Morgan rocks!

Marty Kacin
Los Altos Hills, CA

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Custom mural of a Mexico-inspired tropical garden
Submitted on

I had the idea to put a mural to help expand the space in our small backyard.  I came across Morgan’s website with on an online search.  Her work seemed to be just what I was looking for. After meeting with her it seemed like we were in sync with what I wanted. I am so happy with the results. It is exactly what I was looking for.  It makes the area feel larger and creates a tranquil sort of retreat.  The mural has the colors and vibrancy that connects with the other pieces that we’re bringing to the yard. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Palo Alto, CA

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Custom painted tropical beach wall mural
Submitted on

We were ready to do a mural for our son’s nursery and I Googled murals and found Morgan. Her work was so beautiful on her website. She was able to do something even better for us that really captured everything we were looking for that we didn’t even know. We are so happy and we love it.

Los Gatos, CA


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Submitted on

Morgan is truly a gifted artist who delivers amazing work! I had been searching for a way to make my son's jungle themed nursery look special for quite some time. I looked into everything . . . artwork, decals, puffy characters on the wall, etc. After seeing photos of different murals online, I did a quick google search for muralists in the area and found Morgan - thank goodness!

She came in, listened to my ideas, evaluated the space and gave me her impression of what she thought would look best. I was able to look at examples of what she had done in the past and with her guidance, chose a mural which ended up looking FABULOUS and was exactly what I needed to spruce up the room and make it look special for my son.

My jungle themed nursery which previously consisted of a few stuffed animals and pictures on the wall, now has lush, tropical trees framing the crib complete with a monkey hanging out on one of the branches. It is absolutely perfect. She actually modeled the monkey after the one featured in a picture I already had in the room, so everything matches beautifully.

She was extremely professional, easy to talk to and a pleasure to have in our home. I can't say enough about her impressive talent - the work speaks for itself. It is exactly what I wanted and not a cookie-cutter piece of art. I truly have an original work of art made especially for my son which will last for years to come.

Thanks Morgan!

Lynnette V.
Fremont, CA

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Submitted on

This is what homes are made of — I asked Morgan to paint a sky mural with some small features (i.e. an airplane and moon) for my 4 year old's room. It was initially a hard sell to my husband as it was a bit of a splurge in our budget. However, Morgan was easy to work with, and a pleasure to get to know in addition to creating a beautiful piece of art. My son loved it and my husband now lays on the bed and stares at it. Worth every penny to be able to give this to my son's childhood. I can't wait to think up another reason to have Morgan back to our home.

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Custom painted wall mural of a sunset landscape
Submitted on

Morgan, your mural has turned out to be a real focal point in meeting with my clients.  People all feel like they are outside and it is uncanny how you brought in the outside scene right into the one you painted.  It’s like your mind instantly transports effortlessly from Alamo and Mount Diablo to Tuscany!
Just a fantastic job and I really cannot thank you enough for the skill and dedication you have put into your work to become such an accomplished and expert muralist.

Richard Del Monte
President, Del Monte Group
Alamo, CA

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Hand-painted landscape wall mural
Submitted on

Morgan’s artistic skill and ability is without question.  Morgan painted a beautiful mural in the sexual assault examination waiting room on the VMC campus.  We absolutely love it.  She was able to incorporate the client’s needs and strike the perfect tone with her design.  She is so talented, but frankly the best part of working with Morgan is that she was on time, reliable, professional, and she started when she said she would and finished when she said she would.  She provided sketches and brought the client’s vision to life.  I think Morgan is the perfect blend of tremendous left brain artistic skill and right brain business management.  You can’t find a better muralist.

Aryn Paige Harris
Deputy County Counsel
Santa Clara County Counsel's Office

Under Morgan’s magic touch, our drab, institutional waiting room wall has become a wildflower meadow under fluffy clouds and soaring hot air balloons. We’re all jealous of our receptionist! It was a joy to deal with the artist. We found her to be both creative and very considerate of our desires, and to be prompt and as unobtrusive as possible under the circumstances. We couldn’t be more pleased.

John Stirling
MD Director
Center for Child Protection Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

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Submitted on

Morgan does phenominal work! We gave her a rough idea of what we were looking for and she was able to bring it to life. She was wonderful to work with and checked in with us every step of the way to assure we were happy with the progress. Since the mural was completed we have had multiple guests come to our home and take down her information because they love her work. Morgan is truly an artist. Laura S. Belmont, CA

Custom wall mural for kids room
Submitted on

Thank you so much, Morgan!

We are so thankful that you've shared your artistic talents with us! Both rooms are so amazing and enjoyable in completely different ways. Kate is absolutely joyful when you ask her about her room. She loves bringing our guests to see her princess room and the nursery. She is so proud. If you ever want to swing by to take some photos of Kate's room, you are absolutely welcome.

Thanks again!!
Joanna Oshman

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Custom wall mural of large oak tree
Submitted on

Morgan, I cannot express enough how much I love the oak tree. You far exceeded my vision and my expectations. I love it. It has totally transformed the house. Every single person who has seen it is overwhelmed and awestruck. Your work is gorgeous! You are truly gifted and talented. I am sure we will work together again. Thank you so much for being a part of getting ready for this baby! I can’t thank you enough.

Take care,
Angela Dietz

Custom wall mural of California wildlife for local elementary school
Submitted on

To Whom It May Concern:

This past summer the Montclaire school community was privileged to have Morgan Mural Studios create a California landscape mural on our campus. It is a pleasure to recommend Morgan Bricca for hertalent and her professionalism.

Ms. Bricca was terrific to work with. She coordinated throughout the process with a parent project leader from our PTA and upon their first requirements. We refined the details a bit and then Morgan went to work. She is incredibly fast! The wall literally unfolded in front of us in a week's time.

Ms. Bricca's mural creation has transformed our kindergarten area where it spans two classroom walls as well as two sitting alcoves. The area is so different now that it is difficult to recall what it once looked like.

Morgan has brought the beauty and essence of our surrounding environment directly onto our campus. She effectively rendered a natural setting that is relevant to all of our students. The younger students love to count the butterflies and name all the animals. The older students comment that the wall looks "cool" and they are curious as to how she achieved the amazing perspective of mountains in the distance.

The new mural has been a subject of much conversation now that school is back in session. We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback and our community has been enriched by Ms. Bricca's talent and her ability to hit just the right notes to craft a mural perfectly suited to our school.

We are delighted to recommend Morgan Bricca and would highly encourage others to consider her for their next art project.


Mike Cellini
Montclaire Elementary School

Amanda Shenon
Parent/Campus Pride Committee

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Greek Isle custom wall mural
Submitted on

Morgan, I can't tell you how pleased Derek and I are with our beautiful mural. It changes the whole feel of that part of the house, adding so much interest and warmth. Every time I walk into the kitchen, it makes me smile. Please feel free to use us as a reference. If you have any potential clients that would like to see an example of your work in person, we'd be happy to share our lovely mural with them. Likewise, I'd be happy to give your cards to interested people, if you send me several. Thank you again for the beauty that you've brought into our home and our lives. Your upbeat, warm, and generous personality is reflected in your work. Your memory will always be a part of the positive feelings that your painting brings to our home.

Thank you very sincerely,
Linda Skaife



Submitted on


Once again your magic wand has created a visual mural that captures symbolism on multiple corners of our lives...Your heartfelt creativity has surpassed my expectations and vision beyond words...It has already become a treasure to behold and over time no doubt it will become more and more special to each of us reminding us over and over the magical times we shared together her and around our neighborhood of Palo Alto.

With love,
Kim Perlmutter

Landscape mural for local school
Submitted on

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a pleasure and a privilege to recommend muralist Morgan Bricca for your next mural project.

The development of a memorial reading garden at our school brought Ms. Bricca to us. We needed complementary visual images on exterior walls of an adjacent building to enhance the garden’s landscaping and overall appeal. Open and receptive to plans and ideas generated by contributors to the project, Ms. Bricca developed thoughtful drawings of our collective notions about how the mural might look. We fine-tuned them together and finally turned her loose to do her work.

Spanning two lengthy sides of a wing, the final rendering was perfectly suited for the immediate garden. Remarkably, it also merged visually with the campus environs, the neighborhood, and the nearby mountains. Viewers of the mural from afar often had trouble distinguishing the painted surfaces from living shrubs and trees in the foreground and background.

Ms. Bricca’s remarkable talent as an artist was equally matched by her work ethic. A self-starting individual, she worked methodically and carefully on the project. With no prompting from us, this gorgeous piece of art unfolded before us in a very timely manner.

Ms. Bricca’s work captured the imaginations of more than a few students, who watched her paint during their recesses. She graciously fielded student questions and comments, serving as a teacher to aspiring artists fascinated by her work. Indeed, all who worked with Ms. Bricca found her to be very agreeable and collaborative.

Because Ms. Bricca is a fabulous artist and fine collaborator, I urge you to give her the utmost of consideration for projects you might have in mind.


Gary Dalton
Principal (retired)
Juana Briones Elementary School

View detailed photos of the California wildlife mural Morgan painted for Juana Briones School.
Submitted on


I just want you to know how much I am loving the dining room mural. Once again, you far exceeded my wildest imagination and dreams for this wall. I've waited and looked for years (over 10 to be exact!) to have the right thing that both Ken and I could agree on. I just adore the way the room is open now on a big, windowless wall! You are sooooooooooo talented Morgan and calm, and centered in the midst of the child care and new baby and on and on it goes. How you do it all boggles my mind. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful feel to our entertaining area and for our own personal enjoyment.....

Kim Perlmutter

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