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Mural pricing is determined by the following five factors:

  1. Size of Mural
  2. Complexity of Design
  3. Working Conditions
  4. Location
  5. Minimum Fee

Professional muralists typcially arrive at their mural pricing by calculating a price per square foot (PSF). This price will vary from project to project due to the fact that the price is greatly influenced by the size and complexity of the mural, and also may take into account any difficult working conditions. Prices range from $15 to $50 per square foot for wall murals.

  1. Size of Mural

    Size is the most obvious factor that goes into pricing a mural project. The larger the area to be painted, the higher the cost.  In order to determine the total area to be painted, simply multiply the width times the height, in feet — this gives you the total area in square feet of your mural project.

    Although the total project cost increases as the mural size increases, the cost per square foot (PSF) will go down as size increases. In retail, this is equivalent to giving a volume discount to customers who place larger bulk orders. I have several tiers in my pricing structure which give increasingly larger discounts as the total area increases.

  2. Complexity of Mural Design

    Complexity of design is the second factor which goes into pricing a mural. Simply put, the lower the level of detail and intricacy in the mural design, the lower the price per square foot. Likewise, the higher the level of detail and intricacy in the design, the higher the price.

    Typically, the subject matter and style of the mural will heavily influence the complexity and detail of the mural. For example, a trompe l’oeil style mural with architectural elements or a bustling city scene with dozens of figures in the foreground are going to require a much higher level of detail, and will take more time to paint than a simple blue sky or an impressionist landscape.

  3. Working Conditions

    The third factor that goes into mural pricing is working conditions. An additional surcharge may be added to a project to account for difficult working conditions. These conditions may include cramped or hard-to-reach spaces, and restricted hours of operation. For example, I charge a higher price for painting ceilings because this work is harder on my neck and shoulders, and so I must account for this by adding more time off for my body to recover after painting a ceiling project.

  4. Location

    The fourth factor that goes into mural pricing is location. If the project is outside of the San Francisco Bay Area (beyond a 60-mile radius from Los Altos, CA), a travel surcharge will be incurred. Depending on how far away the project is, this fee may include airfare and hotel accommodations.

  5. Minimum Project Fee

    The final factor involved in mural pricing is the minimum project fee. Not every artist implements a project minimum, but I personally enjoy painting on large mural projects where I can work on a single design over many days or weeks. For this reason, I have a minimum mural project fee of $5,000.

Free Consultation & Project Estimate

The initial consultation is free. In this consultation, we will discuss a variety of topics such as the size of the project, the location, the subject matter, design ideas, color palette, style, and so on. This conversation enables me to collect enough information about the project to give you an accurate cost estimate and project timeline. The free consultation does not include sketches or design work.

Every project is unique. To discuss your project in detail and learn exactly how much your project will cost, request a consultation and receive a free price quote.

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