Wall Mural Pricing

Mural Pricing Chart

The cost of a mural is determined by size, level of detail, and location.  The following chart provides an estimated cost for your mural project.

Size of mural Cost of Mural
Under 130 square feet $5,000 (project minimum)
130-250 square feet $38 per square foot
250-400 square feet $36 per square foot
400-600 square feet $33 per square foot
600-900 square feet $30 per square foot
Over 900 square feet $25 per square foot
Revised May 11, 2017

Estimate Your Mural Project Cost

Mural Cost Calculator
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If you live outside the San Francisco Bay Area (60 mile radius from Los Altos, CA), a travel surcharge will be incurred.

Mural Designs

A design fee of $1000 is due prior to the first sketch. This design fee is applied toward the total cost of the mural.

Minimum Project Fee

I enjoy large mural projects where I can work on a single mural design over many days or weeks. For this reason I have a minimum mural project fee of $5,000.

Every project is unique. Please contact me to discuss your mural project in order to receive an accurate quote.

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