Mural pricing is determined by:

  1. Size of Mural
  2. Complexity of Design
  3. Travel Fee
  4. Minimum Project Fee

The cost per square foot (PSF) will vary depending on the size and complexity of the mural. The price per square foot will range between $15 to $50 PSF for wall murals.

  1. Size of Mural

    Size is the most obvious factor that goes into pricing a mural project. In order to determine the total area to be painted for your project, simply multiply the width times the height, in feet — this gives you the total area in square feet.

    Although the total project cost increases as the mural size increases, the cost per square foot (PSF) will go down as size increases. In retail, this is equivalent to giving a volume discount to customers who place larger bulk orders. I have several tiers in my pricing structure which give increasingly larger discounts as the total area increases.

  2. Complexity of Mural Design

    Complexity of design is the second factor which goes into pricing a mural. Simply put, the lower the level of detail and intricacy in the mural design, the lower the price per square foot. Figures, lettering and trompe l’oeil details take time to paint well, and including these elements in the artwork increases the cost.

  3. Location

    If the project is outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, a travel surcharge will be incurred. If the artwork is to be painted on the ceiling or above a 10’ height, this will also increase the cost per square foot.

  4. Minimum Project Fee

    There is a minimum mural project fee of $5,000.

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