Artist Turns Resident's Local Photography into A 9-Panel Work of Art at Stoneridge Creek
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Finishing Touches to Go on Mural at Senior Living Community

A dynamic Bay Area duo is teaming up to create art that's enhancing the lives of Pleasanton seniors. It's taken 100 hours and 30 tubes of paint to create the giant nine-panel mural outside Stoneridge Creek senior living community. For weeks, San Francisco artist Morgan Bricca has worked to make nature photos come to life. Her inspiration comes from resident and photographer, Ray Rychnovsky.

"I love the murals – it's all new to me," said Rychnovsky. "I've always had a passion for capturing wildlife and landscapes." "With this mural I get to see my photos on a different level and it's inspiring."

The mural, titled "Stoneridge Arcade," is located on an outdoor passageway that connects residents to the main hall. Each panel represents a photo taken by Ray.

"I wanted to give people a sense of peace in their daily lives," said Bricca. "A mural can inspire and connect people and enhance a unique sense of place. My passion is to create artwork that is transcendent enough to stop viewers in their tracks with a "wow"."

Morgan has painted murals for Google, Hilton Hotels, and Stanford University and many other clients. She says this mural will connect residents and team members at Stoneridge Creek for years to come. Instead of seeing a white wall outside their doors, they'll be greeted with plant and wildlife images Ray has photographed throughout the years.

Recent studies show a connection between art and vitality for seniors, and it's proven to enhance the lives and health of older adults. Morgan has been painting murals for 18 years and through every project is witness to the powerful impact of art through increased connection, enjoyment, and meaning in the people who observe art together.

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