One City's Journey to Pass a "1% for Art" with Paula Rini and Maddie McBirney

If These Walls Could Talk


Episode #1

Maddie McBirney and Paula Rini served as city art commissioners for the small bay area community of Los Altos. During their tenure they were able to secure a budget for future art, through a 1% tax on future development projects, as well as develop a master plan for art.

[1:50] How creating a Master Plan was instrumental in passing the "1% for Art" in Los Altos.
[7:00] Why does a small city need art, and does it deter development projects?
[8:35] What advice would you give yourself in retrospect about the process of getting a "1% for art " approved?
[11:45] The decision-making process of approving art projects.
[17:53] Tapping into various demographics
[19:42] What advice do you have for other small cities who want to pass a "1% for art"?
[26:18] Why are you an arts advocate?
[27:10] What was the process like for getting the new murals approved in Redwood City?
[28:35] Morgan's white paper on Managing a Public Mural Project

Intro music by Zero 7

Piano by Tatanka Bricca

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