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Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Mural Project

By Morgan Bricca March 27, 2020

Mural painter Lila Gemellos coordinated over 20 painted murals for the Santa Clara county fairgrounds. Each community selected the artist they wanted to portray their community, and it was a treat to meet other San Francisco Bay Area muralists! My portrait mural is a visual collage representing Los Altos, California. It pays homage to the orchards and farmers that played a part in our area’s history.

The background is from a historic map advertising lots for sale to farmers in Los Altos in the 1800s. It tips its hat to the apricot orchards that have played a part in our area’s history.

Over 20 hand-painted murals by local muralists represent different communities in Santa Clara County from Sunnvale to Los Altos.

Thank you for bringing local artists together, Lila!