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Birth of Venus Ceiling

By Morgan Bricca April 20, 2020

This Renaissance-style Venus mural (inspired by Italian artist Sandro Potticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”) was custom painted on the foyer ceiling in a private residence in San Jose, California. (Learn more about my approach to painting ceilings and other muralist musings here.)

Renaissance-style Mural of Venus above the Chandelier

Venus Mural Inspired by the Famous Italian Renaissance Fresco

Italian-style Ceiling Mural with The Birth of Venus

I also painted the library ceiling with putti, inspired by the Stanza della Segnatura, the ceiling of the pope’s library in Rome (a project by fresco painter and Italian Renaissance artist Raphael). You can read more about this mural project in this blog post.

Putti Angels Play among the Clouds of a Ceiling Mural

Italian Ceiling Mural of Cherubs Around the Chandelier

Aerial View of Putti Mural

Cloud Mural with Angels in Renaissance Style