How-To Guides for Mural Painting Projects

The following handbooks contain easy-to-follow instructions and best practices for planning, designing and painting murals.  I wrote the handbooks specifically for those of you who are interested in creating murals but lack experience.  My hope is that the information in these handbooks will help give you the tools and confidence to move forward on your own mural project in your community. 

Heading Up a Public Mural Project

The Rough Guide to Kickstarting a Community Mural Project (2017)

A good place to start if you want to head up a mural project in your community.

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How to Paint a Public Mural Guidebook

Handbook: Managing a Public Mural Project (2015)

A practical guide to funding, approval, design and painting processes for public mural artwork.

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Public Mural Handbook

Handbook: How to Paint a School Playground

This reference guide will help you plan, design, and execute a volunteer-based school blacktop pavement painting project.

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Custom Mural Clients

Customers who hired Morgan Mural Studios to paint custom wall murals

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