School Mural Projects

Most schools are stark, utilitarian environments with many large, windowless walls. These bare walls can be transformed into beacons of color and joy that celebrate the core values of the school, and the brightest hopes and dreams we hold for our children. These walls can become a “welcome mat” for the school community, celebrating core school values like inclusivity, safety, and creativity.

Murals are the most cost-effective beautification project option among the many capital improvements schools consider. When the artwork is leveraged into school photos, websites, newsletters, and social media, it helps build school identity and pride. 

I have painted murals at dozens of schools, mostly in the San Francisco Peninsula area, but also in San Diego and Los Angeles. Typically, the school projects begin with one parent or principal with a vision for a beautification project that includes a mural. Getting the district and parent community on board with a school mural is easier with a clear vision as to how the artwork will enhance school culture. Working with an experienced artist will help win over the “mural skeptics” at your school because they can look at a broad portfolio and an established track record of successful projects. I make sure you have the tools to make your mural campaign a success including up-front designs that will help build consensus and fundraise from the school community, a generous 30% non-profit discount, and a district-friendly standard contract.

Case Study: How to Transform a School for Under $15,000”

“I have seen countless children, parents, and teachers walk by in awe, totally captivated. Not only does it make our campus a brighter, more beautiful place to learn and play, it reminds our entire community of the tremendous importance of art.”

Christy Flahavan
PTA President
Springer Elementary School

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Listen to my interview with Christy talk about the Springer transformation on my podcast. You can also read my blog post associated with this project, “How to Transform a School for Under $15,000”


“We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the four "Kindess Murals" you painted. It's been really fun to watch children and families interacting - and taking photos in front of, the murals. We look forward to enjoying the murals on campus for many years to come.”

Brandi HuckoPrincipal Sotckmeir Elementary School

“One of our young patients returned from emergency psychiatric services for a self-harm issue and when she came into our office she had a huge smile upon seeing the mural. It is amazing to all of us on staff how immediately a depressed patient responded to the mural art.”

Chia-Chen LeeJuvenille Hall Medical Clinic Pediatrics

“I start every morning by looking at the murals. I take a breath, look at it for 5 minutes, and then I can go into my office and work. The kids hang out by the murals at every recess and enjoy them as a part of their life every day, as well. I didn't expect that parents would walk up to me constantly to thank me. That was a great surprise. One lady cried in my office, 'it is so beautiful!' The school just became instantly better!

I would recommend Morgan for every reason -- for the process, experience, the result. She goes above and beyond."

Audrey ProuseAssistant Principal, Stocklmeir Elementary Cupertino, CA

If you would like to read more about why I think mural art in schools is so important, I invite you to download my "Why School Murals Rock" handbook.


Mural Pricing

The overall scope of the project and level of complexity of the design will influence the total cost of the project. There is a minimum project fee of $5000.

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