Yes. I can paint my murals on either canvas or panels. How the canvas or panels are attached depends on the intended longevity of the mural in the space, whether it is designed to be mobile or not.  Panels can be ordered up to 5′ x 10′ in dimension; a large mural may require serveral pieces fitted together.

At Santa Rita Elementary School in Los Altos, the school had a long term plan to build a new multi-purpose room, but were estimating five to ten years off until they would break ground on the project.  In the mean time, they wanted to beautify their existing multi-purpose room and be able to repurpose the artwork when the building came down. I painted the interior murals on lightweight PVC panels and the exterior mural was painted on maximum density overlay (MDO) wood based panels.

Here are images from those projects:

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Santa Rita Elementary School Exterior Mural

When the city of Morgan Hill was renovating their downtown area, there was one city block of “dead space” that was not planned for development for another five to ten years, so they put up a temporary wall, 350 feet long, made of wood panels. The artwork I created celebrates the downtown of Morgan Hille on the temporary panels.  At this time, 10 years later, they are still in their original location.  When the adjacent vacant lot is developed, it will be easy to break down and re-hang the panels in a new location.

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