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Aug 29, 2015

A Hide and Seek Mural at Covington

About 30 interested students from the graduating 6th grade class from Covington met with me during their lunch hour to design a mural that would be their legacy gift to the school. Since the mural was to be painted outside of the library, we thought a girl reading under a tree would be nice. (Only two boys gave up their lunch hour to come to the meeting, and 28 girls vetoed the idea that the reader could be a boy.) They also wanted the mural to include a Coyote somehow, but we were not sure whether it should be a realistic coyote in the mural, which could seem menacing to the lonely reader, or maybe a cartoon coyote outside the mural...

Jul 30, 2015
A Mural for the World Forestry Center Discovery Museum

The reason I went to Portland, Oregon to paint a mural was because of Eric Vines. Eric is the Executive Director of the World Forestry Center. I met him at a conference in Portland last year, and was immediately impressed with his thoughtfulness and integrity as he navigated a complex path at an organization in flux. The tone of the organization has evolved dramatically in the last year from status quo to sustainability gung-ho. The center is using their space to host dialog and collaboration from forestry non-profit organizations world-wide and has become a vocal proponent for global cooperation and sustainability in the forestry industry...

Jun 8, 2015

When I moved to Los Altos, and inquired with neighborhood families about the local middle school, the responses were oddly consistent: “Oh, it’s awesome.” Whether I was asking the child or the parent, the response was invariably positive.

For me, it was difficult to reconcile that “awesome” was even possible for a middle school experience. When Lucas started at Egan this year I couldn’t wait to meet Brenda, see the school in action, and find out how it could so consistently meet the needs of such a diverse group of teenagers.

Lucas had a great first year. He loves school. However, after 23 years, the principal, Brenda Dykman announced she was ready to retire...

May 14, 2015

When Annett Inacker called me up and told me about her elaborate plan to create a whole series of murals that inlcuded the walls and playground at Bubb Elementary School I thought, “Wow. She's ambitious”.

When she told me she hoped to complete it all in one weekend, I thought, “Wow. She's crazy.”

And I wanted in.

Annett wanted the murals to reinforce the Project Cornerstone character development curriculum they used at the school as well as Carol Dweck’s "growth mindset" strategies. She wanted to integrate the art throughout the playground, and include a walkable map of the United States...

Apr 29, 2015

I am sure when the street was named, View Street it offered a lovely view of the hills. 109 years after it was built, the home of George Henry and Denise McNamara home's only view was onto the back of a sixty-foot long commercial building. The previous owners had mitigated they eyesore with a big wall of ivy. This past winter, a storm took down the 30-year-old massive wall of ivy, and it collapsed over onto itself like a tidal wave. When they had me over to assess the scene, I felt like Mary discovering the secret garden. George and Denise had no idea the potential boon this wall could be for their house! I was looking at the mess but I could hear the angel's choir, a cinematic moment where great beauty will soon rise up from the ashes of the devastation...

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