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Dec 30, 2016

2016 Rap Up

Another trip around the sun and here we are again
A chance to assess our year with equanimity and zen

Whether you are Bahá’í or nudist, scorpio or cancer
What we do with our time is our own question to answer

For me it is art; the bigger the better
Each mural I paint is another love letter

In 2016 my skills were broadened and stretched
I aimed for something singular with each design I sketched

In the beginning there is a moment of greatness to which I do attest
It’s the moment the client comes forward to give the project a bold “yes”

Nov 22, 2016

This month I held my first master class. My goal was to train a handful of people how to paint an exterior mural so they could share their creative gifts with the world through public art projects. Out of a field of talented applicants, I selected candidates who had already established art businesses, and who could most likely put to use what they learned and expand their art offerings.

I chose the apprenticeship model for this class- out of the classroom and into the world- because I wanted to share all aspects of the work. The “real work”. From the bid to concept development, wall preparation to painting and wrap up, I invited the class along with me through the entire life cycle of the project...

Oct 28, 2016

When you think of the artwork at your local bank, what comes to mind?

Chances are, nothing memorable. Unless, of course, you happen to bank at San Mateo Credit Union in Redwood City. Their new branch features a colorful fifty-foot mural of the downtown areas of Redwood City, and its residents enjoying live music on the square. The mural is not particularly "bankerly". It is painted in a loose style, where everyone is having fun and no one is wearing a suit. But San Mateo Credit Union is not a bank, and the mural is the first hint to everyone who enters the branch that there is a substantial difference between the two...

Sep 30, 2016

Large scale, site-specific artwork is a broad enough category to include more than a few novel adventures. Last month, TRG, an architecture and interior design firm, hired me to create a series of paintings for their new open office space in San Mateo. Their signature strength is contemporary home design, so I embraced a new creative process and style to deconstruct the contemporary design and celebrate it on these six foot by six foot canvases.

I first met Leslie Lamarre, co-owner of TRG, in 2010, when she hired me to paint a New York Yankees graffiti mural for a teenage boys room. Her design for the room went on to win many awards. Knowing a good thing when I see it, I put to use all of her good ideas for my sons room, installing turf instead of carpet, painting a Giants graffiti mural and continuing a grey and orange theme throughout...

Aug 31, 2016

The questions I am asked most frequently about my work could be categorized as "what if it goes wrong" type of questions. "Tell me about the projects that crashed and burned." "Does the artwork ever just not turn out?" "Do you ever disagree with your clients input? What do you do then?"

The answer is as you would expect: Yes. Humans on all sides of the table are messy and projects don't always unfold exactly as planned. Every project is a learning adventure and there are always unexpected twists and bumps along the way to keep things exciting. For example? Read on...

The Poppy Debate

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