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Mar 10, 2010
Dozens of new murals...

..many of them never before seen...have been added to my website! It's been a busy 5 years since my last site update, and there is lots of new inspiration for that blank wall that has been bugging you. My husband Dave did a fantastic job of making the site easy to navigate, and best of all, for me to update easily myself.

Check out my new and improved website!

Chillin' with the Yankees

That's right baby, every day of the week... if you are Ian Westley that is. He brought his favorite team home, literally, with a mural of the NEW Yankees stadium. I distressed the mural so it looked like a deteriorating brick wall, and then I grafittied over the mural with the names of his favorite players: Rivers, O'Neill, Berra and DiMaggio...

Dec 10, 2009

My painting gigs arrive with impeccable timing, and always seem to be nudging me to expand technically and creatively. This past month I have been inspired to employ a softer color palette, giving a peaceful, ethereal feeling to the artwork.

This mural was painted in a nursery in Palo Alto. It covers all 4 walls and includes the owner's pets as well as sheep, horses, bunnies, pigs, birds and butterflies. We decided that having lots of things to find on the wall will keep the big sister occupied when mommy is nursing.

I used a magnetic primer under this section of mural (between the sunflowers) for learning letters and words on...

Nov 20, 2009
Just Another Brick in the Wall

A client in Los Gatos wanted to create an ocean view on a large wall in his backyard patio, but that wall had a window on it already. We incorporated the window into the design of the mural, so it looks like it is part of a crumbling structure, with a view of the ocean through the window.

Here is a picture of the wall before the mural:

Milo's Room

I had a blast painting this boys nursery in Los Altos, CA. The client set me loose on this room with only a few parameters: peaceful nature, plus some great boys stuff thrown in (there is a jumbo jet, helicopter, tractor, basketball court, baseball diamond, and football spread around the four walls)...

Oct 20, 2009

This month I am featuring 2 creative closets I worked on this year. Staying in this months theme of small spaces, I also included a great idea for creating depth to window wells - those drab small coves outside of basement windows.

Wizard's Fantasy Closet

Inspired by Harry Potter and the Magic Treehouse books, I transformed a storage closet into a play space for the children. This was a very fun mural to create because the ideas all came from the kids. And they had a LOT of ideas.

Step Into Your Next Vacation

The owner wanted to transform the guest closet under the stairs from a awkard space with electrical boxes and funny angles to something that was welcoming and fun...

Sep 20, 2009
Island Paradise Mural for Avery

The Henderson's had me back ! This time I painted the landscape above water. A young girl lounges in a hammock with her dog at her feet.

Montclaire Kindergarten Yard Gets a Facelift

Montclaire Elementary School in Los Altos, CA hired me to paint a local California landscape to beautify the yard in their kindergarten area. I know, Tigers are not native, but their mascot quietly watches over the nature scene!

Before the mural:


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