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Aug 30, 2018

This summer I took a good long break from mural projects. I had other adventures, including a road trip through the northwest with my son (he did most of the driving) and spending a week hiking in Telluride, Colorado. Even though I only went to one museum this summer, the booming popularity in murals, and public art in general, meant I still saw plenty of great art. Some of the pieces I encountered inspired me to stretch my creative efforts in new directions. Here are a few highlights from my serendipitous encounters art this summer.

I spent one day as a tourist not far from home, walking around Jack London Square in Oakland to see the nine new murals there...

Jul 20, 2018

This weekend San Francisco is hosting the World Cup for Rugby Sevens. It debuted as an Olympic event in 2016. The teams only have seven players each (compared with traditional rugby's 15) and each half of the game is only seven minutes, so the total game time is about 16 minutes long, including the two-minute half time. The scores are comparable to rugby scores since defenders are more spaced out. Lots of scoring, lots of speed, every second counts. It's exciting.

Here is a photo of yesterday's opening ceremony at the Embarcadero plaza:

So why is Morgan suddenly so interested in Rugby? I've never mentioned sports before in this blog, and between the Warriors and the Giants, there have been plenty of opporunities...

Jun 29, 2018

I recently painted my driveway.

I titled the driveway art "Friday Happy Hour". I was in the middle of a well deserved sprawl on the couch one Friday afternoon when I decided to watch a TED talk a friend had forwarded to me, Where Joy Hides and How to Find It. I was so inspired by what I learned that I peeled myself off the couch and started mixing paints. I don't recommend watching this video if you are susceptible to spontaneous bouts of rearranging furniture or painting your walls bright colors. Unfortunately, I am high risk in both categories. However, ever since my driveway had its makeover, coming home feels...

May 25, 2018
New Interactive Mural at Blach

A group of students at Blach were tasked to help me design a mural for their school. They were unanimous on the following design features:

1. The artwork should feature a “selfie moment”
2. The mural should feel “happy”
3. Their school mascot, the falcon, should be "friendly"
4. Include glitter
5. Make it holographic

Except for the last item, which I haven't quite figured out yet, I checked the box on all the requirements...

Apr 28, 2018

When Martin Nova was 18 years old, and newly arrived from Michoacan, Mexico, he was picked up on a street corner by a chimney sweep for a days work. He ended up working for this chimney sweep for the next 6 years at $10/ hour. He didn’t start making $20 an hour until he had worked 20 years in the business. In the meantime, Martin learned English, started a family, and saved up his money with the dream someday of owning his own business. In 2004, Martin bought a chimney sweep business from a retiring colleague. The business grew and became successful. In 2016 he purchased the exclusive rights to sell several brands of fireplaces under the condition he had to open a showroom within two years...

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