Olympic Inspiration

By Morgan Bricca April 28, 2013
SwimOutlet.com brought me in transform the stark white conference room in their headquarters in San Jose, CA. As I was painting the intense swim race scene we came up with, I was unsure of proper butterfly technique, and on swimsuit design of the competing countries. So they sent down one of their employees, Emily Silver to help me work out the details. Emily was an Olympic silver medalist in the 4×100 meter freestyle relay from the 2008 Olympics. She was an excellent coach and we had great fun collaborating.

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Views from Montebello Preserve

One of my favorite places to paint is near Montebello preserve. It offers stunning vistas of the intersection of the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains on one side, and oak covered foothills on the other. Where the two worlds collide, there are grass-covered hills that remind me of the Sound of Music. So when my friends Michelle and Nick Sturiale commissioned me to paint a landscape that captured the beautiful views of the Santa Cruz Mountains, I packed up my paints and easel at the crack of dawn and headed to Montebello Preserve. Here are the two paintings, both 3′ x 5 1/2′ in size, acrylic on canvas which came from that adventure. A ranger stopped me and threatened to give me a ticket for being off the trail. After he saw my painting, he let me off the hook with the justification that it could probably be considered “appropriate use of public lands”. (I smiled and thanked him, but it was surreal.)

Montebello Preserve

Montebello Preserve path II

Gamble Gardens

Now is the best time of year to visit Gamble Gardens, a historic colonial revival house and gardens off Churchill Ave. in Palo Alto. They just finished their spring tour and the gardens are in tiptop shape and full of spring blooms. Another good reason to visit this idyllic spot is that it now features my artwork on their fundraising box in the middle of the garden. A bird, butterfly, dragonfly and an Easter egg are hidden in a burst of native plants.

Morgan painting at Gamble Gardens

Blessings to you!

Morgan Bricca
Morgan Mural Studios

Dreams Happen
I am currently painting artwork in a playhouse that will be auctioned off on June 1 at the Standford Shopping center, as part of the “Dreams Happen” annual fundrasing gala for Rebuilding Together Peninsula. Rebuilding Together helps rebuild homes and community facilites of low-income neighborhs in need.

There are 11 playhouses in the auction this year. The project I am working on is called Ohane Hale, designed and donated by Cara Kuroda Design. The inspiration for her playhouse comes from the worker’s houses that lined the sugarcane fields near her childhood home in Hawaii. I can smell the ocean air from the upstairs balcony of the playhouse, I swear!

If you are interested in attending the gala fundraiser, you can purchase tickets online. Or stop by anytime after May 4 to preview the amazing creations on display at Stanford Shopping Center.

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-Joseph Campbell

Funny Bone
This Youtube video made me laugh.


Morgan Bricca

Morgan Bricca

Morgan Bricca is a mural artist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her clients run the gamut from professional creatives, including architects and designers to building owners, school administrators and community advocates. When she is not making art, Morgan enjoys sipping boba tea with her kids and taking naps on the couch.