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By Morgan Bricca September 27, 2013
About two years ago I had friends over for dinner. One commented, “Wow, I expected to see more of your art around your house.” What they were witnessing was classic “the cobblers children have no shoes” syndrome. That was a turning point for me. Over the past two years I have brought my art home. It has been so rewarding to keep my favorite paintings, direct my creative forces on our own house, and wrap my family up in the beauty of what I love.

So, welcome to my home! Enjoy the house tour and I hope you find a few ideas you can steal for your own house.

Out of the Ball Park

My son loves baseball. I’ll confess I wish it were tennis. However, after witnessing his consistent enthusiasm to suit up an hour before his game, stand in the hot sun in outfield, or hound me to catch his pitches in the afternoons, I realized it was time to embrace his chosen passion. For the past 5 years he has shared a room with his sister that featured a lovely mural of Tinkerbelle and pink flowers, without complaint. This is definitely a better fit for him.

Graffiti Mural

We installed turn grass flooring to enhance the baseball theme in his room. His favorite mural of mine was this Yankees Stadium mural I painted in 2010, and it provided the basis of inspiration for his room. TRG Architects designed the room, and it earned an ASID design award.

Ians NY Yankees Room

Horse Crazy

I was recently commissioned to paint a horse mural on panels. Since my daughter loves horses as well, I painted two, and let my 11-year-old client, Molly, pick her favorite. Allie pinned her second place riding ribbon on her mural. I painted these on panels so the barn can be moved at any time. The murals are designed to accommodate a row of hooks under the top lip of the barn door.

mural image

Dream Tree

I was curious to try out magnetic paint, so on our dining room wall I used a magnetic primer underneath this dreamy nature/tree inspired mural. This magnetic wall serves as our family inspiration wall, our “dream tree”. I bought those “YES” letters a few years back on a road trip in Oregon, but I saw them in a new store on Main Street in downtown Los Altos last week. Invite a “yes” into your home! It is such an empowering word.

Dream Tree Mural

Photo Collages

Sometimes the pinned up photos and notes around my house get out of control. My solution is to wrangle them all into a collage and decoupage them together. I have one in my studio and one over our family hub. They are fast and fun to put together. Try this at home!!!

mural image

Unique Coffee Tables

Coffee tables make great conversation starters, especially when they didn’t start out in life as coffee tables.

I cut two bookshelves that were too tall for our space in half. I used the top halves to create a base for a desk, and one of the bottom pieces I hand fashioned into a window seat. I had a remaining piece of lopped of bookshelf, something that was not really anything. So, I cut out a roundish shape from rigid PVC and painted a big poppy on it that matched the rug. The poppy fit perfectly on the old bookshelf base and -voila- it was given new life as a coffee table.

mural image

Furniture a Dog Can Love

It turns out my dog, Bella, loves to curl up on the remaining shelf of the old bookshelf/ new window seat. Our non-shedding dog puts herself away on the shelf when her doggie services are not needed. One of the many ways we think our dog is canine perfection.

mural image

Thanks for taking a spin through my house! I hope you enjoyed the tour.
Blessings to you!

Morgan Bricca
Morgan Mural Studios

Great Ideas
“Emerging research from the fields of public health, psychology and education demonstrates that the condition of “parent-child connectedness” serves as the most important protective factor for a variety of adolescent health outcomes… [Parent-child connectedness] is characterized by the quality of the emotional bond between parent and child and by the degree to which this bond is both mutual and sustained over time…”

If you are a parent, you will love the resources on this website:

It is full of great articles, tools and classes aimed to strengthen the parent-child relationship. If you have any issues with your children (who, me?) they have a list of common challenges parents face and solutions for the issues. Warning: These ideas might cause dramatic turnarounds in your family dynamics!

Join Me for Lunch

I am hosting a table at the upcoming Hand in Hand annual fundraiser on October 25. If you are interested in joining me or learning more about Hand in Hand, send me an e-mail! I always come away from the event super inspired in my role as a parent.

Music to my ears
I was recently hired by repeat clients for a new project in their new home. My client, Sandy, said to me, “We don’t miss anything about our old house, except our mural. If we could have taken one thing wiht us, it would have been our mural.”

It made my day.

Colors and Kids
My son has a lot of opinions. But as we were decorating his new room his assertion that “all the great colors are girl colors” rang true. He went through the rainbow and then pointed out that even black is a “girl color”. Boys are left with a dull and limited palette.

Lucas seems to be on a personal campaign to end that. He is insisting on one wall in his room be painted hot pink and the other lime green. (He already painted his grey shoes those colors since I wouldn’t spring for the $100 Nikes.) He is ready to take back the rainbow. Pottery Barn, take note! The boys are planning a revolt!

Funnies Section
Middle age is having the choice of temptaions and choosing the one that will get you home earlier.

-Dan Bennett

A recent study shows that 75 percent of the body’s heat escapes through the head. That means you could ski naked if you had a good hat.

-Jerry Seinfeld

The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades.

-Demetri Martin

A family of Cuban refugees landed in Florida. The first thing they did was take a bus to Chicago and bean the Cubs 6-3.

– David Letterman


Morgan Bricca

Morgan Bricca

Morgan Bricca is a mural artist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her clients run the gamut from professional creatives, including architects and designers to building owners, school administrators and community advocates. When she is not making art, Morgan enjoys sipping boba tea with her kids and taking naps on the couch.