by Morgan Bricca
March 14, 2013

Spring is upon me. I feel a surge of joy, optimism and creative juices that have pretty much just run me over. I love it when this happens. The paintings I share here all brought me so much joy to paint, so consider this the March Madness Mural Morsels Joy Issue.

That is such a silly name. Maybe I have been hanging around grade-schoolers too much. I was 30 feet up in the air painting an Eagle and a nest at Evergreen Elementary School recently. Hearing the wave of "wow's" echo through the auditorium as the kids filed in to get their lunch was a highlight. So many happy faces sharing with me what they brought for lunch or who in their family is an artist.

The Eagles Nest

Evergreen Elementary Multi
Juana Briones Visit

It was a warm, gorgeous day when I returned to Juana Briones Elementary to fix up a bit of wall damage on a mural I painted 5 years ago. I ended up staying the day, puttering over my work, reflecting on the evolution of my skills, and also absolutely loving the small notoriety I have as "the artist who painted all the murals" among the kids. It is a fun role to play.

Juana Briones

It's a boy...

With a few minimalist elements, I transformed the third bedroom in the Anderson household to an idyllic nature inspired nursery with bugs and frogs, rocks and birds, anchored with a sweet Keebler-inspired tree in the corner. Lots to point at. This was awesome: A few weeks after I finished the mural the client hired me back to paint a canvas for over the crib. It ties together the sky, the low mural elements I painted, and also includes his older sister and two dogs riding with him in a hot air balloon, floating up in the clouds. I wish them all the best on their grand new adventure!

Anderson Nursery

mural image

Little Froggie


Dog ownership has made me way happier than I could have predicted. Painting my faithful companion = pure joy.


The Kids

Last week, Dave turned 40. I wanted to commemorate the milestone with a gift - something special. Painting the kids was an easy target. I have to confess that in my family it got 25% of the reaction that the painting of Bella did.

Lucas and Allison
Blessings to you!

Morgan Bricca
Morgan Mural Studios

On My Bookshelf

I just finished "The Art of Possibility" by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benajmin Zander. They both are swimming in accomplishments, but their field is art and music. (He is the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic). I loved hearing the concepts and anecdotes pulled from the world of classical music.

My two favorite concepts from the book: Don't take yourself too seriously. The second: Give everyone an "A". Assume there is a "best" in everyone you interact with, and instead of setting a standard for them to measure up to, holding a space of respect that gives them room to realize themselves. It was an easy, fun read with great ideas. Highly recommended!

I just launched into a new book by one of my favorite authors, Seth Godin, called "The Icarus Deception". From the back cover:

Art isn't pretty.

Art isn't painting.

Art isn't something you hang on the wall.

If you've already decided that you're not an artist, it's worth considering why you made that decision and what it might take to unmake it.

If you've announced that you have no talent (in anything!), then you are hiding.

Art might scare you.

Art might bust you.

But art is who we are and what we need.

An artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo. And an artist takes it (all of it, the work, the process, the feedback from those we seek to connect with) personally.

Art isn't a result; it's a journey. The challenge of our time is to find a journey worthy of your heart and soul.

Go Seth! I love the book so far. A great siren of the new connection economy. I do wonder as I read these books how able I am to incorporate these great ideas into my life where the rubber meets the road.

(What road? Is there really any rubber here?)


Two quotes by Helen Keller:

One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.

When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.


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