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Jul 30, 2017
"We believe that art has the capacity to create and reinvent life in unimaginable ways."

I just wrapped up my dream job. I painted fifteen nature themed murals in about as many days on a lush, tiny Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic called Ilha das Flores, The Island of Flowers.

I have been carrying a lingering euphoria around with me for months, ever since my clients, Casey and Andrea, sent me the first e-mail with their idea and photos of the Island of Flores. For me, the whole project unfolded with a “meant to be” quality, including alignment of purpose, subject of the artwork, and the perfect challenge for me as an artist...

Jun 29, 2017 is focused on supporting non-profits that address inclusion, economic opportunity and education. One of the biggest challenges facing the non-profit community in the Bay Area is the high price of real estate. One way is addressing this challenge is they just finished a "Google quality" office and meeting space that will be available for non-profit organizations to use on the ground floor of their Embarcadero office in San Francisco. The space includes all the expected Google perks like a stocked mini kitchen but most importantly allows easy access and fluid collaboration between Google employees and the non-profit community...

May 27, 2017

For the last 20 years or so, the town I live in has not invested in art. It baffled me. I witness the huge impact art makes on a space, on the people who enjoy that space, every day that I go to work. I live and breathe art transformations. I didn’t understand why anyone wouldn't want that for our community.

But when my current client, Manuel Martinez and owner of La Viga restaurant, said, “It’s like getting a tattoo on my business” I had an epiphany: public art is like trying to get a whole city to agree on what kind of tattoo they want. No wonder consensus over public art is elusive!

Apr 30, 2017
Peace in our World, Oak Elementary School, 2017

I have been asked several times, "How did I come up with the design for this mural?"

The Oak principal and PTA approached me because they wanted to create a work of art that would celebrate the international community at the school. Specifically, they wanted to include a map of the world in the artwork, since they already had a map of the United States painted on their playground.

The map concept was a struggle for me, because a world map resonates with the literal, analytical side of my brain...

Mar 29, 2017

I just signed up to give a talk about my life as an artist at the career center at my son’s high school. In general, I think parents are cautious in their support of their children pursuing careers in the arts. Here are three reasons why I encourage students to pursue careers in the arts.

1. You want to.

If we are innately curious, mysteriously compelled or some flavor of passionate about something we are more likely to stick with it through the long, rough slog it takes to be successful at it. There is plenty of research on this. Activities that feel like play are the things we will happily choose to engage with over and over again...

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